If you havn’t seen Hillary’s collossal fuckup, here it is, courtesy of TPM and YouTube:

A mere day after Arianna Huffington gives Hillary the benefit of the doubt and tries to put the spotlight on the not-quite-Super Delegates, Hillary must have been worried that she wouldn’t be the center of attention, donned her Santa outfit, and dropped the biggest present ever down the Obama family chimney:

“My husband did not wrap up the nomination in 1992 until he won the California primary somewhere in the middle of June, right? We all remember Bobby Kennedy was assassinated in June in California. I don’t understand it.”

And this time we will not give the benefit of the doubt. From the sickbed that I call the couch, I couldn’t believe the quote as I heard it. The Yankees had won a couple of games in a row. Kanye’s delirious verse off of “I’m Put On,” seemed to be on repeat one. My fever was around 102 degrees. In the next day, I’d hear that the co-chair of Hillary’s own National Hispanic Leadership Council had endorsed Obama. How is a sane person supposed to handle this?

Not the way that Liz Trotter, Fox News contributor did:

You’d think people would have learned from Huckabee’s Fuckup?

The potential of assassination for Senator Barack Obama is not a joke. Not something to mention as one of your SOLE MEANS of becoming the nominee. Not something to be said outside of secret service meetings and backroom whispers between Obama supporters who are worried about such an event taking place.

What makes Hillary’s continued presence in the election so troubling to myself is that it continues to bring hope to some sadly ignorant people who will start to hate Obama for something they believe he, a black man with a name that gives rise to goose-bumps on their oh-so-red-necks, stole from Hillary, a boring boring white woman just like them or the women they married. Look into the faces and eyes of any still public Hillary supporter who talks to her after her rallies. These are the crazy-in-the-head, boring-in-actuality, and most of all barely educated people who George W. Bush left behind in the past 8 years. People so downtrodden and retarded that they’ll believe anything. They’ll believe that Obama is a Muslim, ignoring Rev. Wright, or they’ll think that because Rev. Wright wears daishiki’s that he’s not a real Christian.

The longer Hillary stays in this race, while the Super Delegates are indecisive fucktards, and does nothing to stem the tides of ignorance and racism, the worse off things will be. Finally I have one personal letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton:

Hey, Hill

Give a great speech on Race in America, I FUCKING DARE YOU, and make it your concession speech.

And then dis-the-fuck-appear.



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