• “Too Close To Call,” Surprisingly Amazing Words

Indiana Updates

1:09 AM

MSNBC’s A-Team seems to have signed off. I tried watching CNN, and Wolf Blitzer almost made me vomit. So the B-team, The After Hours MSNBC Team clocks in, led by Dan Abrams, and now, Chuck Todd’s up:

99 % reporting in Indiana:

Clinton 51 % 32 delegates
Obama 49 % 29 delegates

22,109 vote difference

And a new metric has been announced: Hillary Clinton is the “Apparent Winner.”

Rachel Maddow’s bringing that great term of hers, Hillary’s “Post Rational Universe,” up. I have work tomorrow, and would be living in such a universe if I felt losing sleep over the last 1% would make a difference. Good night.

12:52 AM

kos linked to this video, from the underknown comedy Bowfinger, as it’s a pretty funny blip about how the Dems will get back together.

12:42 AM

Nora O’Donnell at MSNBC is listing polling #’s. Still, Clinton voters more apt to vote McCain than Obama voters, if their candidate is not the nominee. Buchanan – somehow – is a voice of reason, says there’s 4 months, an eternity, to heal the divide. Remember, this is stupid Pat Buchanan who’s said that Black Folks Should Love America, No Country Has Treated Them Better.

12:35 AM

95 percent reporting

Clinton 51 % 32 delegates
Obama 49 % 29 delegates

16,609 vote difference

Olbermann reports that HRC post campaign election e-mail doesn’t even ask for cash.

12:25 AM

“If you actually believe in a Post Rational Universe where you can be the candidate.”
– Rachel Maddow on Hillary staying in the election.

12:10 AM

Tim Russert is calling the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States of America for Barack Obama. I’m almost unable to believe it’s true. He’s also saying that HillRod has also cancelled her morning tv show appearances.

Markos, at DailyKos, “The media narrative is clear: It’s over.” & “Update: All the talk on MSNBC is about who will break it to the Clintons that it’s over.”

12:01 AM

92 percent reporting

Clinton 51 % 31 delegates
Obama 49 % 27 delegates

As of 11:50 PM EST

91% in

HRC 51% 587,973

BHO 49% 566,988

As of 10 PM EST

81% in

HRC: 515,289 52%

BHO: 479,085 48%

Too. Close. To. Call.



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