• On IN & NC primary day, HC isn’t bashing HRC? WTF, mate?

John Kerry would have made a “Why the long face?” joke work. (Photo Credit to Deadspin)

You could connect Hillary’s support for the sole female horse (filly to you newbies) Eight Belles, which lost to Big Brown, and then was euthanized on the track as a great sports/politics metaphor – which I’ve been doing in my free time whilst conversing with those few who know both subjects – but at this point bringing horse racing into politics is downright stupid. It’s lower-minded than bringing Rev. Wright into this. So, unlike PETA, I’m not going to bash Hillary for her connection to the horse or to racing in general.

I’m going to stay quiet today. I’m just so tired at this point of the campaign and neither side is really blundering in ways that aren’t being covered, except that whole “God bless us rich people,” thing didn’t get a lick of coverage compared to the bitter quote.

I will say though, that if this punch sticks, I’ll be laughing my ass off. I’m seeing H&K 2 with my dad for his birthday tonight, so I won’t be getting home until well after the numbers have come in, thereby saving myself from that period of time where I’d normally be hearing Olbermann and Matthews saying, “Too close to call.”

Either way, this campaign probably won’t be ending this week, and that’s not good for anybody.

CORRECTION: it’s good for McCain, but he’s sold his soul, so there’s nothing inhabiting that rusty old corpse he calls a body.


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