• Three The Fast Way Monday

The Beast

This is Two Boots Pizza’s Bayou Beast Pizza. That’s BBQ Shrimp, Crawfish, Andouille, and a very very generous dousing of Jalapeños. This is the Greatest Least-New-York Pizza Ever. I mean it’s made in New York City, but at first sight, it’s not of the city that’s so prideful of the tomato and cheese lathered disc. Except that it’s true NY in it’s throw everything great onto one surface and hope it’s the sum of it’s greatness and not overweighed by the grease on top mentality, which is what they sell paper towels in those smaller sectioned off pieces for. The grease in that metaphor? New Jersey/Staten Island/Dane Cook fans.

Speaking of Staten Island Grease …

So I went to see Atmophere live in concert at Webster Hall a week before Sunday. What we’re seeing here is what I like to call the destruction of the indie rap show by 13 year old smarmy ass kids. I first saw this at the Little Brother/Brother Ali show. The kid in the center, whose bloody bruise all over his forehead made him a trailer trash Harry Potter, got kicked out of the venue after getting caught smoking a blunt. The girl on his right was almost kicked out with him – she came in with him, I’m pretty sure so why wouldn’t she leave with him? – but about an hour later she was at the front of the show making out with some other ugly disease ridden schmuck. The lesson to be taught to you concert goers reading this: don’t make out with strangers you’ve met at a concert, you don’t know who they came in the door with.

In the category of Least Importance, I’m really annoyed that Last.fm has this horrible tendency to group all of the songs played by the same artist under the most famous white person/band related. I listen to a few tracks off of HNIC 2 by Prodigy of Mobb Deep, and it thinks I’m still rocking to the dbags who gave us Firestarter or Smack My Bitch Up.


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