• R&B CMTE. Shows Democracy As Circus Act It Is.

I swear to God I did not photoshop that in. Credit: Getty Images/MSNBC.com

Anyone else watching the painful shitstorm that the Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting has become? Or rather, it is? I went out much earlier today to view an apartment in Greenpoint, and I had hoped by the time I’d get back, it would be settled. As of my writing this, FL is to be seated at half mast. What’s so sad about all this is that it’s got the feel of a standup comedy act getting heckled to death.

The Hillary faction seated is obvious as they’re all voting against MI at 69/59, and they’re all sitting together. The crowd present of insane Hillary supporters is shitting themselves. The vote just carried, 19 in favor of MI at 69/59, 8 opposed. These people are nutters. Nutterbutter sandwiches. And with the exception of Ickes, who’s saying that Hillary reserves the right to take this to the credentials committee, it seems that nobody has a sense of class.

Every good word said in favor of Barack Obama is greeted with a distinctly female yell from the crowd.

In another moment of dbaggery:

“This is a fair and good result” – Thomas Hynes

“FAIR TO WHO?” – Nutjob in the back.

Someone at the panel, “To those interrupting, you’re doing your candidate a great disservice by shouting.”

Thankfully Bill stated earlier today that Hillary will go with whatever the R&BC comes up with. Hillary goes against this, and it’s another moment, an even more recent moment, where the HRC camp shows even more signs of incompetence.

Maddow just said that the Clinton Camp is against the MI Democratic Party on this. Great, great quote.

In more interesting news: Obama Resigns From Trinity.


• In Which Bullet-points are … Pointed?

> Detroit: Beat Boston. If you don’t, and the Lakers do, you’ve concluded a cycle for me. I loved you for beating LA and I’d love whomever can eliminate Boston.

> People who go to Shea Stadium: It gets cold. Bundle Up.

> I promise not to bring up HRC2008 again unless the protest of the Rules & Bylaws Committee Protest gets out of hand and she doesn’t apologize for it. Or if she campaigns for McCain again. Basically, here’s the agreement: she stops making things harder for Obama (The Democratic Party’s Nominee in the minds of anyone with any intelligence left) and I stop complaining. Anything else and things will continue as normal. I need a way to vent about her, not many people read this blog to destroy party unity, and it’s morbidly fun.

> Remember how I took a while to mention the glitch in my MacBook Pro? Hello 10.5.3, Glitch Disappeared Like Poof-*****-B-Gone!

> My personal trainer, Rachel, she rocks. Former Marines tend to rock.

> When will they change the cover for Tha Carter III? LA Reid and oversensitive Wal Mart execs made Nas change his record title, Wayne’s cover is more offensive than anything since the R. Kelly Pee Tape.

> Speaking of which… Kels … you are fucked. Hire Riley Freeman.

> Phrase of the day, “built like a wedding cake.”

• Trouble in Mac Paradise

My computer is doing it’s best impression of South Park’s stuttering Jimmy.

A few months ago, I bought a MacBook Pro. For the majority of the time since, I’ve not had a single bad thing to say about it. When all of my programs that have a vertical scroll bar (Word, Mail.app, Firefox, Safari, Camino, Final Draft Pro) started to stutter in the manner shown above, my tune changed a bit.

The error only happens when the computer is not plugged into the power adapter, and the workaround is only a single command-click (Command+A) away. Despite the simplicity of this fix, Apple needs to stop the problem where it stands.

Update: OS X update 10.5.3 to possibly fix this.


19 point victory. That is all.

Christ I hope the Pistons do what I love them for doing: eliminating teams I hate (see Shaq/Kobe Lakers).

Fuck the Celtics, the Patriots, and especially the Sox while we’re on the subject.

Also, for debate: Youk vs. Giambino for Ugliest Man In Sports?


Because Nobody Else Is Buying Her Shit

Now, the Clinton camp, Terry “I’m-On-Meth-and-Crack” McAuliffe in particular, is blaming the Obama camp for misleading the public about Hillary’s implosion of a faux pas. Oh, and again he’s using Fox News, the bastion of truth telling, as his pulpit. What a dick-weed.

I’m sorry to be so blunt, because god knows subtlety is nicer, but now they’re spitting in our face and telling us Obama’s the mystery second spitter. Superdelegates: either today or tomorrow, come out for Obama en masse. I want to see the political equivalent of Kano ripping a heart out in Mortal Kombat, but actually the original Clinton quote acts in that measure already, albeit self-immolatively.

Let’s send Hillary packing for Chappaqua and an empty future.