• Fantasy: The Other Reality

Dubya is your stoner uncle who’s angry at his dad for making him work with Walker Bush’s cohorts. He’s as willing to pardon stoners as he’s willing to pardon turkeys on Thanksgiving.

New York City is Liberty City: where you can drive anywhere you want, take your frustrations out on anything, and instantaneously transport yourself to an even more fantastical world where everybody’s as bloodthirsty as you are.

Rich millionaire alcoholics who built their empires on war can have moments of truth when they realize they can be robotic genius liberators (No Dubya) by night. Your buddy is Terrence Howard and your Secretary is Gwenyth Paltrow.

War is actually just a game, and the concept of soldiers being mentally manipulated translates to a scientific device, not the death of mass media. And it’s being beta tested to get the bugs out instead of becoming a quagmire.

This current stretch of time is geeky as all get the fuck out.


2 Replies to “• Fantasy: The Other Reality”

  1. yo the new gta is WAAAAY fucked up. please tell me you are not going to pay money to fuck strippers and then kill them.

  2. Yeah, nooooooo way. The going on dates system in the game is much more beneficial, I hear. Also, I’m told there’s hilarious 3AM drunk dialing; unfortunately, you don’t have Hillary’s # in your in game phone.

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