• The First Saturday In May

Follow That Horse

I’ve looked around town and the news is that the weather will be shit tomorrow (Sunday, April 20), if it is, I have a great suggestion on how to spend the day: see “The First Saturday In May,” a pretty damn good documentary about the culture of horse racing, which culminates on the first Saturday in May at the Kentucky Derby. See it Sunday for it to stay alive in the indie theaters. Here’s a link to see where it’s playing near you.

It’s told quite close in connection to the lives of the trainers, the owners, the grooms, the jockeys, all of their kids, and of course, the horses themselves.

I know you might be saying “A Horse Racing Documentary, Henry? Are you high?” I’m kind of tipsy, but that’s not even connected. I wasn’t sure of what I was going to see going in as I knew nothing, really. I once rode a horse when I was at Bard, during Spring Fling, shouts to the Bard Equestrian Club. But this novice came out a fan of the sport. Now that I can follow UFC (and a lot of others are as well), I think it’s safe to agree with the film’s director that this is the best sport you’re not watching.

Thanks to Ben of FeinDining for getting me and Jared to see the movie.


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