• Regarding Ducks In Barrels

Stuff White People Like might be the most beloved website of the moment in the buzzings of you and your friends. Or maybe it was a couple weeks ago when you found it. With even Mr. I Rarely Link, Sasha Frere-Jones, giving them the sausage (links), and at one point, he’s since edited the post, saying that this is a sign that the internet is complete. I wanted to put another discussion question out there, what do you all think of SWPL? Too easy? Not harsh enough on Whitey?

The editor of this blog is a couple shades more tan than white White but not Larry Bird White, is more partial to rap than to indie rock, loves The Wire and hates reality television shows based around smarmy white kids, agrees with a little under half of what the aformentioned blog has to say, and works in a mostly white office.

Also, not sure if White People in general like The Boondocks, but I do, so here’s NahRight showing two of the “unreleased episodes.” First and second episodes.

And in things that mock white people of power news: http://areyouinsignificant.blogspot.com/


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