• When You Buy Music, How Do You Do It?

So I’m happy with the new Gnarls Barkley record, The Odd Couple, and I’m thinking about buying it. Kind of unsure what means I’m going to use. Brick & Mortar stores have the benefit of supporting a local business, getting a booklet, as well as already having it on disc so you can play it on a stereo sans adapters, Amazon MP3 is plain and easy MP3’s at 256 kbps, and iTunes is the trustworthy stalwart despite it’s warts. Thoughts? Further, it’s not in all B&M stores yet.


2 Replies to “• When You Buy Music, How Do You Do It?”

  1. I, for one, am old school in this matter.

    Nothing beats have the disc. I am a believer that the sound from a CD uploaded onto my laptop is better as well, but that is probably not technologically true.

    Regardless, I vote CD. Besides, the economy needs your $, stimulus or not.

  2. The difference between Amazon and iTunes — if it matters to you — is that iTunes restricts the number of times you copy purchased tracks. Say for a mixtape. Amazon’s purchased tracks have no such restrictions on “installs.”

    I’ve been torrenting most CD’s for test-drive purposes. I find that I still want to own music from acts I love even after hearing their stuff.

    I’m over owning hard copies of CD’s as much as I’m over owning the plastic cases they come in. Once I buy one the plastic’s tossed.

    Even then it’s still prohibitive; I’ve got six fat unorganized CD Logic binders that get moved around the house clumsily. AND a hatbox with CD’s whose cases aren’t the traditional plastic. But skinny ones, or “box sets” or worse yet cardboard folios. Which means they have no home anywhere in my house.

    My laptop with an external harddrive and the media I play it on (ipod) is fine. If I’m going to get nostalgic about something to put my hands on I’d rather lament the death of the 33 RPM album.

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