• Fuzzy Math

I hate Hillary these days, so I’m hesitant to bring this up, but:

MSNBC is calling it for Obama while he’s down 45 to 52 with 4% reporting in Mississippi.

Those 4% are probably Clinton districts, but it’s still really weird to see.

Update 10:08 PM: 44% in, BHO 55% HRC 43%. Those are my kind of #’s.


2 Replies to “• Fuzzy Math”

  1. How is it that these people feel like they can call something with 1 percent (or equally little – less than ten percent) of the vote in or with one person down who is expected to win? It makes people distrust so much.

    As much as I appreciate the idea of all these states getting a real chance to choose the nominee. I’m so damn tired of the coverage.

  2. With every horrible quote coming out of the Clinton campaign, it’s like going on a vacation road trip and there’s an accident at every rest stop.

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