• The Wire – “-30-” – #60, S05E10, Series Finale Preview

HBO uses this as their preview image, I have a feeling it won’t be the summary image come tomorrow.

Despite my problems with season five, this is still the best show I’ve ever had the luxury of watching. I still care about each and every character on the show, something I will never say about The Sopranos (I could have gone the entire last hour without a second of Carmella). On The Wire, I even care about McNulty’s ex-wife. Care enough to want her see Jimmy where he is and maybe feel bad for leaving him in the lurch. All I know regarding tonight’s episode is what we’ve seen in the trailer, so this (late) post will have nothing new for those caught up. If you’re not caught up, do not click on the jump … (AKA SPOILERS IF YOU’RE NOT CAUGHT UP).

First of all, I think one of the most important lesser plot lines that begs to be shown/tied-up/etc. is Kenard. Little boy kills Omar and then is nowhere to be found. Here’s a photo of him in “Dead Soldiers,” episode 28 (S03E03):

What Happened To That Boy?
“It’s my turn to be Omar!”

That’s literally what a young, uncredited, Kenard (Thuliso Dingwall) said when we first saw him. Which was when we didn’t know who he even was. I’ve been talking with people lately about how at first the death of Omar by Kenard seemed too, that only someone who we didn’t hate or think was morally inferior to Omar could kill him. That if Marlo himself actually came down to the streets and did the deed himself, it would feel horrible. Well, Omar’s death still felt like crap, and this way we got to see Marlo’s in-holding reaction to his name being sullied, and god damn did Jamie Hector carry that scene. But, again, they need to address Kenard before the show is over, as he ended one of the most beloved characters with a single click. Dingwall did an amazing job with the brief shot of his reaction to actually having committed murder, but there’s more to be shown, I’m sure.

I worry that Daniels, as Carcetti says in the preview, falls on his sword. The complete corruption in the department regarding everybody being in on McNulty’s scheme makes it seem like something will have to happen beyond McNulty and Lester getting shitcanned. Although a part of me thinks it will be Rawls that falls, as he didn’t figure McNulty’s scheme out or have someone come to him. Kima coming to Daniels shows that he has the respect. And if not Rawls, then Valchek. Either of those two has to be the leak to Levy, odds favoring Rawls at this point due to Stanislaus’s incompetence.

Did Herc fuck everybody over, or just send Levy on a wild goose chase? I hope that if he did help Maurice out (as evidenced by Marlo being out of jail in the preview?) that he pays for it. Or maybe Herc becomes an example of incompetence getting promoted, something I’m sure that Simon wouldn’t be too much against showing.

I want Slim Charles to exact revenge on all sorts of people, especially one Melvin “Cheese” Wagstaff, maybe Partlow. (Speaking of which, show Cheese as being related to Randy already) I think we’re going to have a Marlo/Avon encounter in jail, where maybe, just maybe, the King Stays The King.

And finally, I’m furious with HBO for letting show in the teaser that we see the return of Roland “Prezbo” Pryzbylewski, and that he meets with Dukie. I’ve been worried that Dukie’s been on that junk. He’s seen what it can do, seeing as he came from that kind of parenting, but maybe that’s not enough. His face has been showing signs.

See you all after 10:33 pm EST.


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