• LOST S04E06 – “The Other Woman”

Lovely Play On Words, Lost.

If you hadn’t believed that Lost had gotten it’s mojo back after last week’s “The Constant,” I’m pretty sure that this week’s episode should have gotten you. Unless you’re a hater.

Spoilers abundant about this episode in question, but you should know that from the title.

I have to say that Jack saying “He knows where to find me,” and then kissing fellow doc Juliet Burke was not just a turning point for his likability, but one of my favorite moments of this season so far. The former thought has to come with an asterisk, though, which would be if we do not know all there is to know about Juliet, and there’s some evil twist lurking in the shadow of the smoke monster. This was only the second episode focusing on the fertility specialist, so who knows what we’re to find out about her in the future. Part of me hopes that there’s nothing more to learn.

Her affair with Goodwin was not what I’d say I saw coming (maybe because I’m not that up on Goodwin’s history known thus far), but Ben’s thoughts regarding Juliet were absolutely brilliant to watch. “You’re mine,” became one of the signature moments of Ben Linus, as we’ve never seen him emote on that level of desperation and downright devilishness. It makes Juliet as empathetic as Sun (note to self: note the similarities in their backstories, re-watch the scene where they go to check on Sun’s pregnancy, and figure out how long they’ve planned Juliet’s backstory), who might be the most well developed and well liked of the Oceanic 815 survivors. Am I saying Kate is disliked? I thought that was a given at this point. Counterpoints?

Finally, the Red Sox tape was thankfully taped over. Really thankfully. If I had to see that again, I’d support the writer’s going back on strike. So we saw Charles Widmore, and we wondered, or at least I did, does he care more about the island than Des and Penny? I’ve got a feeling he’s got more to him than we’re going to know until season five. Also, if we trust Ben’s words to Locke, then Widmore is employing Abbadon, which could make Widmore the Off-Island Big Bad, which would kind of disappoint me. With The Wire ending on Sunday, I’m hoping we see as much of Lance Reddick on Lost as possible, and he survives past the end of this season.

Then again, nobody’s truly gone as we saw tonight when M. C. Gainey reprised the role of Tom (Mr. Friendly), I’m pretty sure we’ve got a lot more to see from him. Also to be seen again, I’m guessing, (this is only theory, not “spoiler” material) is Michael, played by Harrold Perrineau, who I’m guessing is Ben’s “man on the boat.” That’s just a guess, and next week, it seems as if we’ll find that out as well as who the other two members of America’s Favorite Lying Survivors, the Oceanic Six, are.


2 Replies to “• LOST S04E06 – “The Other Woman””

  1. Of course it’s Michael. I’m sick of him, and why would he be on the boat without his son. This whole Michael thing will piss me off next week …

  2. Something tells me that he’s not going to have been on the boat voluntarily, so he might be trying to get off, that Walt is somewhere trapped, I don’t know. They need to not fuck that plot line up, obviously.

    There’s also a chance that it’s Richard Alpert, though.

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