Tense, Not Super, Tuesday LiveBlog

10:56 pm: Dear Ohio, thanks for nothing.

10:16 pm: It seems like we’ll be up late with all of this. The coverage is getting more and more insufferable and I’m not paid to cover this stuff.

9:51 pm: McCain’s speech is so much more boring than Huckabee’s. Mike, you were not serious and for that we miss you.

9:39 pm: Howard Feinman: The sense of grim determination and lack of champagne at the Clintons.

9:34 pm: Sounded like Matthews called Gregory the Senior White Assed Correspondent.

9:26 pm: Huckabee says a housewife hocked her wedding ring and sent him the money. Vicki Iseman thought she was sending the money to John McCain’s campaign.

9:21 pm: HRC to take RI.

9:20 pm: Huckabee’s comments on a fair clean campaign is a clear dig at the Dems.

9:10 pm: At the pavilion there … Uh, I don’t know who that is on that big screen there, nevermind about him. That was Wolf Blitzer, for those taking notes at home.

9:04 pm: McCain is the nominee. Time to pick Obama, damnit.

8:53 pm: Buchanan and Scarborough don’t really have a problem with fear mongering, surprise surprise. And Republicans want Hillary as the candidate. Hrm. Everybody’s in the tank for something.

8:51 pm: Illegal attaining of Caucus Packages? Bullshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit.

8:46 pm: “Women put Bush back in the White House because of fear.”
– Michelle Bernard of Independent Women’s Voice

8:41 pm: So long you dumb Huck: Huckabee to concede in coming days at The White House. McCain to get Bush 43’s endorsement. Does anyone think it would help McCain? Olbermann echoes my thoughts to David Gregory.

8:37 pm: Nora O’Donnell, says Seniors overwhelmingly vote for Clinton.

Well they’ll die soon, thankfully.

8:30 pm:
TX 1%
BHO 58
HRC 41

If he can get a tie in OH, that would be amazing, and it might stop the confetti.

8:24 pm: McAuliffe: We’ve got 11 more contests.

Yeah, and there’s a Democratic party that will be a Fractured Fairy Tale by the end of it.

8:22 pm: McAuliffe says he loves him the Primaries and not the Caucuses. No Shit, HRC eat it in the caucuses.

8:19 pm: Terry McAuliffe is saying HRC gets TX and OH, what a dick. What else was he going to say, though. Russert’s thoughts about HRC’s camp’s spin on the day is true, but then again, it was an easy call.

8:16 pm: And in other news: Simmons’ podcast with Jason Whitlock RE: The Wire has started to download, sluggish as fuck download speeds from ESPN, though, for a measly 11MB file.

8:14 pm: Russert misspeaks and says Odama. Guess he started early. The two sides of the spin (Obama’s rising #’s in TX and Hillary’s resurgence nationwide, and forget about those delegates).

8:13 pm: Russert breaks the news of a confetti packed victory party for the Clintons. Christ, I’ve got heavy Clinton Fatigue right now.

8:03 pm: Kurtz at TPM says “Voters pick “change” over “experience” by big margins in Ohio and Texas, according to exit polls.”

7:56 pm: Obama’s people asked for a region specific extension or two. One was granted. Typing the #’s is kind of silly, and I’m about to eat, so I’ll only provide updates for the important moments, and the ludicrous statements.

7:53 pm:
OH: 0%, still too close
HRC: 60
BHO: 38

7:51 pm: Russert: And what about all these young people?

Tim, we think you’re a douche.

7:48 pm: Exit polling for OH:

OH and TX voters both say that Hillary was being unfairly attacked more often than Barack being unfairly attacked. Hillary doing well in Women and Lower Class and Barack doing well with Men and the Young.

7:41 pm:
VT 2%
BHO 56
HRC 41

OH still at 0

7:36 pm: They’re talking Bill Richardson, who should endorse Obama ASAP, I think. Oh, I forgot to say, this is going to be biased. I’m in the tank for Obama. I’ve donated to his campaign. If you’ve been reading this blog, you know I don’t like Hillary.

7:35 pm:
VT: 2%
BHO 54
HRC 44


OH: 0%

Well, with 0 Votes, of course it’s too close to call.

7:28 pm: We’re in the commercial break, and I always love how they can call a state with 0% reporting.

VT: 0%
BHO 53
HRC 45

7:25 pm: Chuck Todd’s talking and sadly I’ve not taken a math class, so I think he’s saying that Ohio is tight and there are three districts and the popular vote doesn’t equal delegates.

7:16 pm: Keith says the Chuck Todd Number is 64% of the vote in VT, in terms of how Obama can win a number of delegates that would make things even harder on HRC.

7:15 pm: Nora O’Donnell talking about VT exit polls, where Economy and Iraq are in the high 30’s in terms of important issue while healthcare is about 20. For Iraq, Obama takes it 74/24 and on “Commander in Chief”, that “ready to lead on Day 1” nonsense, Obama wins 51/42. And in a number that seems implausable, Obama has Inspirational 85/45, I guess you can say both people are inspirational in these polls.

7:11 pm: Eugene Miller D-OH is taking about Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones, who smirked while Chris Matthews attacked the Obama stand-in about what exactly Obama’s done. That moment just kills me so much, so now whenever I learn someone stands with Tubbs Jones I get that reaction that Hillary’s “3 AM” ad gave me.

7:06 pm: Andrea Mitchell: Hillary’s people never thought they’d get VT! They don’t even care about VT. This is Rudy Alert #1 of the night.

7:04 pm: Nothing in the punditry, so if politicking isn’t your think, and shame on you if it isn’t, then read Status Ain’t Hood’s Bun B interview.

7:02 pm: Obama and McCain projected to take VT. No delegate/vote #’s yet for the Dems. MSNBC says two important things about three important people: Ben & Jerry endorsed Obama, and Howard Dean did not vote. But yeah, this doesn’t matter in how to kill HRC08, because it’s not TX or OH.

6:59 pm: Fox News, those kings of subtlety, are calling this, “Super Tuesday II,” and I know that because they’re advert’ing on MSNBC. Dumbasses.

6:56 pm: Does anybody else get a crazy-uncle feeling from Pat Buchanan? I sort of want to hook him up to a machine and force-start a coma. We’re a commercial break away from VT. The tension!

6:53 pm: And we’re off …
Josh Marshall is saying that early polls show that Obama is going to kill her in VT.

Kerry is talking on MSNBC about how if it’s delegates we’re going on, that tonight will probably stop HRC.


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