Hillary wears out her welcome with me, completely.

It’s over in my eyes. I’m starting to think Nader is running to fuck HRC over if she gets the nomination. I’d still probably vote for her, begrudgingly, but this kind of shit makes me sick. She’s practically running with an R in front of the NY.

As Rachel Maddow puts it,

“That’s what you say when you want to be John McCain’s Vice Presidential choice. That’s not what you say when you are trying to become the democratic nominee for president.”

Further, Wikipedia, the infallible source of information says,

In 1965, Rodham enrolled in Wellesley College, where she majored in political science.[19] She served as president of the Rockefeller Republican-oriented[20] Wellesley Young Republicans organization during her freshman year[21][22] and with them supported the elections of John Lindsay and Edward Brooke.[23] However, due to her evolving views regarding the American Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War, she stepped down from that position;[21] she characterized her own nature as that of “a mind conservative and a heart liberal.”[24]

Hillary has rarely seemed close to trustworthy in my eyes. She’s starting to look downright slimy.

Am I overstating things? Overreacting? I don’t know anymore.

I’m dreaming of Barack delivering the KO tonight, knock on wood, as some analysts have put it. Nothing could be better.


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