Hillary Goes Daily (Show), A (Not So)Liveblog

What’s left to say:

That Navy Seals commercial is weird. New South Park in a week and a half.

Ralph Nader is the guest tomorrow. Another loser.

And good night.

Hillary pt 2:

Jon talking about the media’s involvement. Throws in the number of successive wins. Hillary: “That’s a lot of questions, Jon.”

Fucking question dodger.

Historic Race! McCain as well, you know, he knows more history than anyone else, he was around for the Jurassic Age and the related theme park. As Maher’s been saying, “He’s Old!”

Everyone in everyone else’s cabinet. She’s starting to become conciliatory Hillary. And now she’s saying the Dems should get the win especially because of Dubya, which is a good point, but not really going to help her.

Hillary Clinton Live(?) Via Satellite Interview:He’s going to mock her for talking to him, kind of easy opener.

Hillary, replies with a “It is pretty pathetic.” I’m kind of shocked. Really? Satellite linkup problem, I guess this must have been live, recorded earlier in the day, not during the 11:13pm EST. She’s laughing at it, love that hideous laugh. She just implied that Barack Obama wouldn’t care about the voters. What a nimrod. She’s continuing to hammer at Obama for this all of a sudden issue of BHO not caring about people. First they’re going to get him to say “I pray to Jesus,” and now he’s going to have to say, “I care about people and won’t turn my back on them like a douche?” She’s now saying he doesn’t care and won’t want to get up every day to do work. So he’s a stoner now? These talking points seem like they came out of a 4th grade election.

11:10 pm, halt in “live coverage”:

Roommate missed the first segment. I’ll cover the rest of the show later.

11:09 pm:

Okay, Jon’s finally going to address the fear mongering commercial. And he pokes teh funny stick at: how many times the phone rang. And yes, here’s a comparison to a 1984 Mondale commercial. Eat it, Hillary. Eat it.

11:07 pm:

Barack Obama has a Mariachi Band Posse.

11:06 pm:

John McCain loves ribs and the news loves to report such news.

11:05 pm:

Edward Albee reference!

11:04 pm:

Clip of Obama talking about how desperate Hillary is. Jon: He might be a good president, but a dick of a boyfriend.

Clip of Hillary talking about how she doesn’t care about being inspiring.

11:01 pm:

Jon says HRC will appear live via Satellite.

And then remarks about how there were a lot of states in the last Super Tuesday and how there are very few in this one. Good to see they’re staying unbiased in regards to the Funny.

11:00 pm:
Pre-show commercial:

VO: Hillary Clinton turns to the last person you’d think…
Jon: That’s Me!

then …
A commercial for the Network Television Premiere of “Without A Paddle”

It’s funny because she’s up shit creek and it’s a bad movie.


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