Success, Tragedy, Success (Not Pictured In That Order).

If you use chronologies to measure events, then:

Between Success

south carolina
and unrelated success

lies tragedy.

Originally, I was going to try and do a triptych for this post, but that would have sucked.

The lack of posting on this blog as of late is easily attributed to a conflict in time vs. interest on my part. Also, writer’s block. Also, some bullshit.

In regards to the above images, in order:

That the Eli Manning led Giants are going to the big game is shocking. I want to believe they can and will beat the Patriots, but I’m not completely confident on the matter.

Obama winning South Carolina via TKO, is delightful. 55% to 27%, gee, what’s next, Edwards muscling up to 2nd now that even Dems are getting Clinton Fatigue?

Not to make it about me, but the apartment where Heath Ledger’s body was found is about a block away from the aparment I grew up in and where my parents still reside. I never saw the man in the area though. Also havn’t had reason to go down to my parents place in the last week, but when I do, I think I’ll stop by the memorial area.

Joel McHale ended this week’s The Soup with a very well said thought on the matter:

I’ve got, hopefully, funny things to say or rant about, but I’m kinda stymied at the moment.

And remember kids: A New Day Is Not Dawning.


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