Another Boulder Waits On The Other Side Of The Hill

So today I ended this project of the damned. One piece of art to send tomorrow, but aside from that, which will be as easy as getting an envelope, taking it’s contents out, and pairing them in a sleeve with a print of the spread, and then bringing that to production, I am done with that book for a long time.

That doesn’t mean anything’s changing, does it?

Actually, unlike some of my more melodramatic messages on this and other mediums, things are changing, and for the better. Thankfully, my life is unlike David Simon’s Baltimore.

I’ve got clout thanks to this project. I’ve got history. This is where that all starts. This is where I could build a career.

Elsewhere in life:

Apple has yet to announce the computer I’m planning on buying.

I’ve found an amazing beer, one of the best I’ve ever found. Am I sharing it here? I don’t know yet.

My aunt and grandmother both celebrated birthdays this week, and are both healthy active individuals I’m proud to be related to.

My dreams are still weird; weird enough so that I don’t write them for you to read.

Zodiac came out on 2 Disc DVD as I had predicted it would, but it’s too fucking expensive at 35 dollars.

Songs of note from The Wire’s soundtrack:
“Oh My God,” by Michael Franti with Spearhead
“Assume the Position,” by Lafayette Gilchrist
“Walk on Gilded Splinters,” by Paul Weller
“The Body of an American,” by The Pogues
“Analyze,” by Sharpshooters
and all versions of the theme song, but especially the Neville Brothers’ rendition.

My headphones still rock.

Things are good.


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