Avoid Time Out New York’s “The Wire” review

Maybe I was wrong for thinking that the weeklies would be good about staying away from spoilerville.

In the “Detox” issue of TONY they reveal what one major character’s plot arc will be. I really regret reading this. New York magazine, on the other hand, did a great review that shows their publication to be not only smart to the show, but smarter than the other magazines in general. This came from their love of using literary references to discuss one David Simon.

I don’t have much time as I’m still catching Cameron up on Season 4, but here’s another YouTube video:

Kanye West with T-Pain – The Good Life


5 Replies to “Avoid Time Out New York’s “The Wire” review”

  1. Time Out New York:
    New York:

    Rafi, man, what else can I say but that I love Oh Word.

    I can say:
    I decided to leave out links on this because … well laziness is a part of it … but it’s also because I really wish I hadn’t read the Time Out review. It’s no major spoiler, but it really said something that I didn’t want to know this early in (waiting on Sunday for the premiere).

  2. henry,

    i appreciate the love for ohword … i’m sorry have to tell you this here but we’re gonna be killing off the site in a few months.

    it will be immediately reborn, just as something other than a hip-hop site.

    announcement coming soon.

    the new york review was good.. i’ll take your advice and skip the t.o.n.y. one.

  3. Henry,

    I love you. But your posting of a song with T-Pain in it hurts my soul. I have yet to master the art of perceiving sarcasm in the posting of youTube videos, so I am going to hope that this is a sardonic video and I happen to be retarted.

  4. Collin, as much as I hate to say it, this is one of two occasions when it’s okay to like him for purely So Bad It’s Good reasons. Music being produced for cell-phone speakers is horrible, but christ, his involvement with this song and Buy You A Drank are just so flat out ridiculous that I can’t help but listen.

    I also really dig the video because of the fx.

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