SuperBowlBloggery part 1 of what I assume will be many

So, I want the Giants to beat the Patriots with Brady healthy and on the field.

Would I say I don’t want the Giants to play a Patriots team without Mr. Doucheyriffic?

Hells to the no.

In fact the more I think about it, having Brady forced to watch the Giants win from the sidelines would be very sweet to watch.

That being said, I repeat: Bootgate is a Belichickian Red Herring, a Doucheachusetts Maguffin, and I doubt that there’s anything wrong with Tom Brady.

Knock an ankle sprain on wood, etcetera.


Success, Tragedy, Success (Not Pictured In That Order).

If you use chronologies to measure events, then:

Between Success

south carolina
and unrelated success

lies tragedy.

Originally, I was going to try and do a triptych for this post, but that would have sucked.

The lack of posting on this blog as of late is easily attributed to a conflict in time vs. interest on my part. Also, writer’s block. Also, some bullshit.

In regards to the above images, in order:

That the Eli Manning led Giants are going to the big game is shocking. I want to believe they can and will beat the Patriots, but I’m not completely confident on the matter.

Obama winning South Carolina via TKO, is delightful. 55% to 27%, gee, what’s next, Edwards muscling up to 2nd now that even Dems are getting Clinton Fatigue?

Not to make it about me, but the apartment where Heath Ledger’s body was found is about a block away from the aparment I grew up in and where my parents still reside. I never saw the man in the area though. Also havn’t had reason to go down to my parents place in the last week, but when I do, I think I’ll stop by the memorial area.

Joel McHale ended this week’s The Soup with a very well said thought on the matter:

I’ve got, hopefully, funny things to say or rant about, but I’m kinda stymied at the moment.

And remember kids: A New Day Is Not Dawning.

Another Boulder Waits On The Other Side Of The Hill

So today I ended this project of the damned. One piece of art to send tomorrow, but aside from that, which will be as easy as getting an envelope, taking it’s contents out, and pairing them in a sleeve with a print of the spread, and then bringing that to production, I am done with that book for a long time.

That doesn’t mean anything’s changing, does it?

Actually, unlike some of my more melodramatic messages on this and other mediums, things are changing, and for the better. Thankfully, my life is unlike David Simon’s Baltimore.

I’ve got clout thanks to this project. I’ve got history. This is where that all starts. This is where I could build a career.

Elsewhere in life:

Apple has yet to announce the computer I’m planning on buying.

I’ve found an amazing beer, one of the best I’ve ever found. Am I sharing it here? I don’t know yet.

My aunt and grandmother both celebrated birthdays this week, and are both healthy active individuals I’m proud to be related to.

My dreams are still weird; weird enough so that I don’t write them for you to read.

Zodiac came out on 2 Disc DVD as I had predicted it would, but it’s too fucking expensive at 35 dollars.

Songs of note from The Wire’s soundtrack:
“Oh My God,” by Michael Franti with Spearhead
“Assume the Position,” by Lafayette Gilchrist
“Walk on Gilded Splinters,” by Paul Weller
“The Body of an American,” by The Pogues
“Analyze,” by Sharpshooters
and all versions of the theme song, but especially the Neville Brothers’ rendition.

My headphones still rock.

Things are good.

McQuarters & Atari: Two of My Favorite Names

So Giants/Packers is Sunday, and if I learned anything hilarious and useless from last weekends games, it is that these two men are great at football and have amazing names, and I can’t wait to see the shit they get into:

Possibly the greatest old school football name of our time.

A little bit retro and a lot of hard tackles.