Worst Game/Greatest YouTube Video… ever?

This is my present to you guys, something I think many of us can be glad to say we never had to experience.

Blue Man Group was the first time I’d heard the phrase “Mind Fuck,” and this is the most recent applicable moment.

Can you remember playing Super Mario Bros. as a kid? The unparalleled experience that it was? Now imagine that some giant asswad is behind the curtains just fucking with you. This is what you get.


One Reply to “Worst Game/Greatest YouTube Video… ever?”

  1. Good lord I can only imagine playing this game. The controller would have gone through the TV screen before I beat the level. It kind of reminds me of those old games for Macs–I’m talking the early days of Mac games–where the options for graphics and size were so limited that they had to make the games unnecessarily complex in order to keep you playing.

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