Nearing The End of 2007 Means Promises For 2008

Way back in June when I started this blog, I didn’t know I’d eventually take it seriously enough to post every week day. It was to be another stop-gap blog, while I tried to figure out what I was doing out here in the interweb.

But by now, I’ve grown accustom to this thang and think for at least another year, this will be my blog of choice. Is this because I’ve found some clarity in this sea of excess? Fuck no, and fuck your metaphor. It had a good deal to do with the growth we experienced in the fourth quarter of 2007. With a great rise in activity for this blog, on both my side as writer and your side as readers; I know exactly what the US Dollar isn’t feeling right now. Pride.

Today’s my last day of work here at my unspecified job before a well deserved vacation, so I’m not sure how that will affect my writing. You would think that an increase of leisure time would mean an increase in blogging, but you never know. With holidays coming up I’m not going to pressure myself to post every week day, but maybe the lack of a christmas day post will be balanced by a Saturday or Sunday post. My current goals for the vacation are relaxation and scriptwriting. And not stressing out about that … that … book.

I’ve been awaiting the release of Apple Mac Book Pro with Intel’s Penryn chipset for quite some time. It’s why I’ve still yet to make the switch to Leopard. When I get that computer, expect some changes. For one, I’ll be able to multitask to an even more rtarded degree. These days I have to have two internet browsers, Firefox for blogging and Camino for actually surfing the web. I think once I make the transition, that lunacy can end.

Once I get my technology re-set up, you’ll see a better blog, one with a nicer layout and a .com domain name. Since all Apple laptops come with built in iSight cameras, I’ll also be posting video rants and other kinds of moving image productions. What’s most important to me, about what I’ll call this blog’s jump to 2.0, is that I’ll be writing full length reviews. This will start early, though, as I plan to get something critical above 500 words written for this blog by the end of 2007.

See you folks later,

Henry Casey


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