The Everything Box

Everything Except A Social Life

As we speak, my PS3 is playing Daft Punk’s ALIVE 2007 album, while it runs the Folding At Home program. The former is quite simple — mp3’s ripped no matter how much the RIAA furrows their brows — but the latter — the system joining in a massive Stanford University network to utilize it’s so complex almost nobody knows how to use it processor to compute the secrets of protein folding — is fucking complex.

While it does that, it’s hard drive is currently storing the first season of Mad Men. I’m torrenting the third season of the wire in my continuing efforts to catch my roommate up before the quickly approaching fifth and final season premiere on 1.6.08. Up until this week’s release of firmware 2.1, which would make this Sony’s holiday present to all, the PS3 as-is couldn’t do anything more than store these files. Now, after the install process, it can play .AVI files, which just happen to be the format of choice for encoding most of the video entertainment of the known world. No longer will I be forced to watch seasons of stuff I didn’t catch when it aired through my 14″ iBook. Now, my 24″ TV will captivate my mind. (While the first episode of Mad Men hypnotizes me into becoming a life long cigarette smoker).

It also has given me joyful gaming experiences such as Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and Ninja Gaiden Sigma. I’ve had a lesser experience with Assassin’s Creed, but I was far from soured on anything because of that.

While the Wii gets glamorous attention for it’s creativity and the fact that it’s harder to find than Bin Laden (unless you’re Morgan Spurlock), the PS3 is becoming the livingroom powerhouse I can be proud of. Just give us Metal Gear 4 and GTA IV already, damnit!


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