Curt Schilling: Still Needs To Shut Up.

Now this photo is more … seasonal.

Old Man Schilling needs to have his laptop taken away from him. His ankle must have had a bloodgasm when he heard about Clemens’ prominence in the Mitchell Report.

He’s saying that if Clemens can’t prove his innocence, that El Rocket should give his Cy Youngs back.  If he believes the sanctity of the report so much, didn’t he read the part where Mr. Red Sox Board of Directors himself said that players shouldn’t be punished for past misconduct?

Going back to what Ben said in comment to a recent post, I bet Selig must be eating this whole “Hang the Player, Forget the Administration,” nonsense.


One Reply to “Curt Schilling: Still Needs To Shut Up.”

  1. If this messege reaches Curt the loser Schilling. He might want to remember about throwing stones at Glass Houses. During his first world series in 2004. Ol Curt was supposed to have a bleeding ankle. A bit of controversy started that it was a lie. Curt that is the same as Roger Clemens. Wait for someone to tell Roger he guilty. You blab, you open your lousy Pie Hole and pronounce The Rocket Guilty. I pronounce you guilty for that fake injury. If you were part of the Cosa Nostra, you would be swimming with fishes for being a rat. Shut you face and let the Courts run this one. We don’t need to hear from a has been Idiot. Curt, get a life and when possibleget a grip somewhere south of your wait and squeeze real hard until they burst. Wory about your affairs and SHUT THE HELL UP…………YOU PIG !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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