The Wire soundtrack will be the PANDEMIC to my ears

Released 1/8/08 via Nonesuch records

Since Cliff’s posted the link to the first full trailer, I’ll talk soundtrack.

In terms of supporting a show’s authentic feel, there’s almost nothing as important as a good soundtrack. Over the last few years rare has there been a show that handles it’s music as good as The Wire. As much as I thought it was funny that Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” shot Tony Soprano, it smacks of a show that sometimes values novelty over substance.

Aside from HBO getting down on it’s hands and knees and thanking Ed Burns and David Simon for running the only show that justifies their $13 premium channel, I guess this is best thing the network could do to help pimp the show and give fanboys an easier way to find the many variations on the last great theme song, “Way Down In The Hole.” and music from the showgiving the show a soundtrack to be released just two days after the premiere of the final season.

Also, they know that the fans are crazy and will snap this up faster than McNulty can crash into a wall.

track listing:

(Amazon’s selling it for $21, so no linkage for them)


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