seth and jules
Imagine His Head Falls Smack Dab onto Her Right Eye

I couldn’t find a good image of the scene in the Superbad that I describe above, but that post title, what Jules yells after Seth gives her what we later find out is a black eye, (Sarcastic after the fact of the matter spoiler alert for those who never even saw the trailer.), is what kept coming back to me as I checked around the blog world (and my work email box) today.

The sources of WTFery:

The RIAA claims that it’s illegal for people to rip CD’s into MP3 files. Guys, you’re a little fucking late to be taken seriously on that one.

Can someone tell me why Led Zepplin’s reunion, or the LZ as I’ll refer to them, is important at all? Readers, please enlighten me to the importance of these guys who played pee wee touch football with the Cryptkeeper.

That’s a fucking video game.

Finally, Jessica Simpson, so dumb, or smart?, thinks that a role with full frontal will get her the respect she figures she deserves. On the same website, look out for Kristin Bell in the Leia outfit.


7 Replies to “WHAT THE FUCK!”

  1. Interesting, I’d heard of the American Gangster/Elvis mashup, but not of the LZ edition. Both will be on my to torrent list over winter vacation. Can I get a link to your warhorseblog?

  2. I never got into them. I know a few songs that are major, but I never understood what was the big deal. Explain away. I’m just coming out and planting the ignorance dunce cap on my head on this one.

  3. Any ideas for a starting point? Of course music will evolve from older music, as I said before I just never got around to discovering them. It’s just when the critics at large get all hyped over a reunion, skepticism is my natural stance.

  4. Nah, fuck the critics and hype. You should just listen to all good music regardless of era. I mean, half the shit I listen to now was made before I was born.

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