The view from my cubicle at 4:34 PM.

I’m feeling as dead as it gets, and today is only half over. The morning and afternoon consisted of me freaking out over a project at work. I’ve been put in charge of art collection for a book that’s not really quite there in terms of organization. Further, I’ve had my share of demons that needed exorcism, which luckily for me, happened last night.

My desk is a nightmare. Everything is everywhere it could be. My giant headphones, which I hope to put word to screen regarding, have been wonderful in blaring Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 into my ears and blocking out discussions of Cursed Books and Untrustworthy eBaying.

I imagine I’ve got rings under my eyes, and I’ve yet to even really check that. The croissant I had at 10am today was the last piece of food I’ve had. I guess I’ll have fun with the hors d’oeuvres at tonight’s Bard Holiday Alumni party, conveniently located at the en route from my office to Union Square.

Aside from tonight’s party and the open bar included, there’s one thing that’s been keeping hope alive all this time. It’s called Juno. As you may know the film is about Juno, a high school girl who gets impregnated by a young man played by Michael Cera. Juno plans to give up the child to the pregnancy challenged couple of Jason Bateman & Jennifer Garner. Rainn Wilson plays a local general store clerk who’s an adviser to Juno. Juno’s parents are played by the always dependable J. K. Simmons and even more dependable Allison Janney.

Juno herself is played by relative newcomer Ellen Page, who seems to have to carry the majority of the film’s water weight, and does so incredibly. I’ve been told the film may be over quaint-sound-tracked and possibly poorly directed, but I’m still excited.

It’s been time and time again that film helps me through difficulty. Other than the newspaper, it seems as if decent well made reminders that your life is pretty frickin good are too few and far apart. I was gigglin, downright giggling, as we drove home last night, especially across the bridge. Life is great, and sometimes you definitely need reminders of that, reminders so great that they become your entire focus. That I could be concerned with talking to fellow Bard Alums, that that could be my mind’s thought, that would be great.


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