The Wire Babies


Facing what may be weekdays without posts, I’ve decided to change the format temporarily; breaking things down even smaller. And without further ado, I bring to you, The Wire Babies.

Thankfully, this isn’t a new animated series with McNutty & Co. as actual toddlers, but they’ve made these small clips which will be shown on HBO OnDemand, and are now available to watch on Amazon’s page for the Season 4 DVD.

I’m not sure whose idea this was, but it seems like something that had Simon & Burns had been kicking around in the back of their heads, rather than forced marketing from the HBO brass. We’ve got Prop Joe’s early days of negotiating, a really young Omar Little getting into the stickup game, and the day when McNulty and Bunk met.

Not only are these clips funny, but it’s another example of the show taking a route that all have fucked up and doing right. Take the inner city schools topic of Season 4: most shows would have fucked it up, or not even tried it. The Wire, on the other hand, made it one of their best seasons.


2 Replies to “The Wire Babies”

  1. Henry — I’m sure you will see this or know about it already but the official Season Five trailer for The Wire is up.

    No spoilers that I can see, and a rollicking cover of “White Lines” to boot.

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