Carver Said The World is on it’s Ass


So, I thought I could spend this Monday night with the Heroes winter season finale, and there wouldn’t be any drama. But then I turn on ESPN, and see that the Baltimore Ravens were beating the Patriots. I’m pretty sure I’ve got a friend or two with money on the Pats, but as you could also easily guess, I hate the Patriots.

The name alone, The Patriots, makes me want to stab my eyes out with a shiv. Unless you’re Hideo Kojima, the word Patriots is off limits to you. Further, they’re a New England team which means they’re supported by the same people who’ve soured Massachusetts for me for years with the Red Sox. Christ, the Patriots were just given an opening, and are about to make it 24-24.

The Heroes winter season finale, by the way, was okay. Not as disappointing as the season 1 finale, and the preview of “Chapter 3: Villains” was much better than the preview for “Chapter 2: Revelations.” I won’t spoil anything, except to say that the end of the episode was telegraphed by every single commercial that NBC ran for the show.

I’ve got some reviews coming up: my new headphones, The Savages, Ghostface Killah’s The Big Doe Rehab, and Daft Punk’s Alive 2007. Further news to come on Assassin’s Creed as well. Picking up tomorrow: Superbad in Blu-Ray.


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