Sound Fixes, BarFries, and Bowling For Daniel Day Lewis: A Year In Review, Starting at the End

If you lived in a neighborhood for three fourths of a year, and never went to the local music store, what would you call yourself? Hipsterphobic fits me, I guess. I know, I know, I’ve got hipster tendencies, but the area around the Bedford avenue stop was something to rarely enter. Something to inspired cockeyed glances, and repeated viewings of the Hipster Olympics. So while the roommate was in a self-imposed quarantine, last night, I ventured out into the corners of Bedford Avenue, Lincoln Square, and Carmine Street.

In Lieu of Photography, we Present RealLifeDocumentaryyyy

If that doesn’t remind you of at least a few people you know, then feel lucky and/or out of the loop, or, even, lucky to be out of the loop.

Yesterday, in need of an album that I couldn’t find illegally online, I ventured over to Sound Fix (110 Bedford Avenue, nr. N 12th.) and picked up one thing I knew I wanted, and made one risk.

If there’s any concert I regret missing this year, it was the LCD Soundsystem/Arcade Fire show. Not sure exactly what made me miss it, previous engagements, hipsterphobia, a desire not to have to navigate Randall’s Island after getting lost after Rock The Bells. All of the above, probably (it’s always D). So, when I found FABRICLIVE 36: James Murphy & Pat Mahoney, respectively leader & drummer of LCD, I knew I would be walking out with something new.

FABRICLIVE 36: unboxed and such. © Henry Casey, 2007

If you’ve never seen a Fabric album (released by the London night club of the same name) before, then the above image probably looks like another case of design over content. Slipcase and metal box, a combination that just doesn’t bode well. Except that the two other Fabric records I’ve gotten so far (FABRICLIVE 33: Spank Rock, and FABRIC 36: Ricardo Villalobos) seem to be great mixes. Villalobos’ record is much more subtle and smooth than the Murphy & Mahoney disc, but that’s just because the LCD boys made a party starter, and those Spank Rockers, they made a banger.

I’ve only gotten a couple listens so far, but it’s got a similar feel to the Hot Chip/DJ Kicks record (a disc that I would have left off my soon to drop year end tally if I hadn’t referenced it here) that came out back in May. A great collection of knowns and unknowns collected for the sake of jamming out (rocking out minus long hair or phantom instruments). Nothing really pushing the record forward as in a central idea except the idea of having fun.

The Reason Behind the Risk

For some people, Sage Francis inspires the pride that Uncle Sam used to inspire. I’m one of them. The cunning bastard that he is, he’s put his face on the record label logo, so when you see something released from his record, you also see his face on it. So, when I saw this on the new Buck 65 record, Situation, coupled with the phrase “strongest rap record to date,” (for an artist I’d been avoiding because of news that they weren’t rapping enough) I might have been suckered in by the genius ass marketing. ‘Ass marketing,’ because, so far, I’m not digging the record. Maybe I’ll warm up to it, maybe I won’t. Odds are leaning towards the latter right now.

I thought I’d share my thoughts with you and not the Highly Exclusive Fandango Community

After ripping the CD’s onto my iPod and picking up some albums that Ben wanted, I met up with Michael, Ben, Megan, and Megan’s friend Marieke. We went to see There Will Be Blood, which I liked, despite not having gotten enough sleep last night (getting to bed by 6 and up before noon can fuck with one’s sleep cycles). I won’t spoil anything, but I have to say that this movie really sat well with my expectations, and Paul Dano, the teen from Little Miss Sunshine who was all cold shoulder for most of the movie, he finally has to carry some dialogue-weight, and as a teen aged evangelist he stands toe to toe with Daniel Day Lewis, one of our time’s greatest scene devourers. It’s not as good as No Country For Old Men, but I think trying to jump the high-bar that the Coens set would be damn near impossible right now. I think it’s between American Gangster and No Country in terms of my year- end list.

The four of us met up with Jared at BarFry, on 50 Carmine St., a restaurant that prides itself, as it should, on it’s beautifully clean aesthetic and fried foods upon fried foods. I had the Samurai beer to start, which was a nice light beer that matched well with the temupura’d foods I had (including a really nice chicken fried steak, and a more-than-generously portioned Crab Cake Po’ Boy). They gave us all a free shot of something that was quite sweet, definitely from the Girlie Drink territories, but was the kind of welcome surprise that really makes recommending them a painless experience.


With the Crab Cake Po’ Boy, I experienced something I’ve never experienced. I had pickles with almost no idea that they were there, having forgotten they were mentioned in the sandwich’s menu entry. They were these spicy pickle slices that gave even more energy to a sandwich that already had a really nice sauce on it. I know my food reviews are kind of base, but I’m just getting started.

Warning, though, the waiting staff did seem to expect us, first-timers, to take less time figuring out what we wanted than we took. Then again, the waiter has a Vandelay Industries t-shirt, resembled Adam Scott (the male nurse from Knocked Up, amongst other roles, who kind of looks like a younger James Urbaniak), and the chef came out to talk to us at least once and was one of the most charismatic guys Jared had seen in a while, enough at least for him to comment on it. I guess I’d have to say that character makes up for quirks in this case.

PS: Fuck the Patriots, the Red Sox, the Celtics, and for good measure, the Bruins.


A Suggestion

If you’re getting home (from hanging with friends, shooting pool, and other general merriment) at 2:30 in the a.m., you might as well stop by your local bar.

Something … Actually a lot of things … Good

So Pakistan’s going into even-more-fuckeds-ville territory for the time being, and you know I don’t have much to say about that that some of my contemporaries won’t be able to say better.

Instead, a restaurant reccomendation: Yuka. Balls to the wall all out All You Can Eat Sushi.


$20 a head. Amazingly fresh fish. The Eel Hand Roll is Cracktacular.

That is all.

Worst Game/Greatest YouTube Video… ever?

This is my present to you guys, something I think many of us can be glad to say we never had to experience.

Blue Man Group was the first time I’d heard the phrase “Mind Fuck,” and this is the most recent applicable moment.

Can you remember playing Super Mario Bros. as a kid? The unparalleled experience that it was? Now imagine that some giant asswad is behind the curtains just fucking with you. This is what you get.

Why Last Second Shopping, Why?

Did anyone else just see Jadakiss on NY1?

New York’s network was out in Harlem talking to last second shoppers. The reporter happened to bump into Jadakiss, who loves the spirit of last second shopping. I thought I should mention this.

Nearing The End of 2007 Means Promises For 2008

Way back in June when I started this blog, I didn’t know I’d eventually take it seriously enough to post every week day. It was to be another stop-gap blog, while I tried to figure out what I was doing out here in the interweb.

But by now, I’ve grown accustom to this thang and think for at least another year, this will be my blog of choice. Is this because I’ve found some clarity in this sea of excess? Fuck no, and fuck your metaphor. It had a good deal to do with the growth we experienced in the fourth quarter of 2007. With a great rise in activity for this blog, on both my side as writer and your side as readers; I know exactly what the US Dollar isn’t feeling right now. Pride.

Today’s my last day of work here at my unspecified job before a well deserved vacation, so I’m not sure how that will affect my writing. You would think that an increase of leisure time would mean an increase in blogging, but you never know. With holidays coming up I’m not going to pressure myself to post every week day, but maybe the lack of a christmas day post will be balanced by a Saturday or Sunday post. My current goals for the vacation are relaxation and scriptwriting. And not stressing out about that … that … book.

I’ve been awaiting the release of Apple Mac Book Pro with Intel’s Penryn chipset for quite some time. It’s why I’ve still yet to make the switch to Leopard. When I get that computer, expect some changes. For one, I’ll be able to multitask to an even more rtarded degree. These days I have to have two internet browsers, Firefox for blogging and Camino for actually surfing the web. I think once I make the transition, that lunacy can end.

Once I get my technology re-set up, you’ll see a better blog, one with a nicer layout and a .com domain name. Since all Apple laptops come with built in iSight cameras, I’ll also be posting video rants and other kinds of moving image productions. What’s most important to me, about what I’ll call this blog’s jump to 2.0, is that I’ll be writing full length reviews. This will start early, though, as I plan to get something critical above 500 words written for this blog by the end of 2007.

See you folks later,

Henry Casey