• Zero Punctuation, or how to get Friday over with already.

Don’t let Mario near the fine china.

So it’s Friday, and Friday sucks. So here’s my hint to help you pass –IE burn– the time away. Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw is the madman behind Zero Punctuation, the funniest video game reviews (going back to the early days of the unintentionally funny Nintendo Power) ever.

His style is minimalist and hyperpaced at the same time. Stick figures on yellow backgrounds with cut pasted images thrown in. He’s already drawn at least one imitator, who called their video Some Punctuation. What stands out the most about ZP is how much he can hate and how funny it can get. Sure, Clive Barker and Clive Barker’s Jericho are easy targets, but he nails them repeatedly without care. He even rips Super Paper Mario a new one for World 2, the slave labor monotony world, which really took the wind out of the fun after the nostalgic feel of world 1. Further, he rips Nintendo for it’s recent obsession with LightVSDark storylines in it’s big first party titles (Super Paper Mario, Zelda Twilight Princess, and Super Metroid Prime 3: Bob Knight Corruption).

Or he’ll just prove why Tomb Raider sucks with out a single tit joke, that is until the review is over and he goes crazy. Even when he reviews things that even I havn’t heard of like “F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate,” he’s still plenty entertaining.

WordPress doesn’t support his kind of videos, so I implore you video game loving readers to watch all of the Zero Punctuation videos you can.

News on yesterday’s Big Trouble at Little GameSpot later.


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