Steve Carrell – Killing The First Darling

Carrell loses points. Binoche doesn’t know any better. Cook is a douche.
Fucking Shit, Steve: YOU DID EVEN STE(P/V)ENS!

A.O. Scott describes “Dan In Real Life” as:

for the most part, winningly gentle and observant

I don’t know if you have seen the other reviews (Rolling Stone, for example offered a three out of four star review; which translates to “Good,” somehow), but this gentle comedy bullshit is the kind of pablum that Middle America wolfs down by the god damn ladle.

This is the problem, and Steve, you were already dangerously close to being a part of it. It wasn’t enough for you to cash in on Evan Almighty, was it? You had to be in a movie with DANE FUCKING COOK. And thereby you made a movie that anyone with a functioning brain can pre-judge into the hell it came from. I highly doubt that NBC isn’t paying you enough for your time on The Office. This is borderline retarded.

Note: this is the first of many entries in the Kill All Your Darlings series inspired by the book of the same name by Luc Sante, whose title was from Faulkner. Sante is a god. Buy the book, now.


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