If Cleveland Rocks, then Fenway Sucks!

A Rockie, probably Jeff Francis (but might be LF Matt Holliday, I can’t tell; all white people look alike to me) ponders this stupid fucking wall.

I can’t remember if it was 8:31 or 9:31 when this was posted, as my blog was originally set to a different time zone for some reason. This all was posted, originally, during the top of the second inning of game 1 of the world series.

If the Red Sox Fans just want to be normal fans, can we make it an overall normal and take away their shitty homefield-advantage ballpark from them? Which is especially an advantage park when you’re playing a team in the World Series who has probably been at your stadium maybe thrice this whole year, a mere percentage point or two of the time you’ve spent there?

I HATE the Green Monster. I HATE the barely-existant wall in the right field corner. I don’t really hate the Red Sox as a team. It’s Schilling and Beckett and Manny who stand out to me, as they seem like a douchekeg trifecta unparalleled in sports history.

I don’t have a zoom in yet, but here’s what happened. Bottom of the first, Dustin Pedroia his a ball off what I’m told (wasn’t home yet) was the tippity top of that eyesore in left field. The ball bounces back into the field, but it’s a homer for some reason. For Some Reason also the words I used when I heard about Paul Byrd’s HGH history being brought up before Game 7 of the ALCS.

Then in the top of the second, Garret Atkins hits the ball smack against the wall. It’s what I imagine to be a few feet below where Ellsbury’s ball hit. That’s a double, though, not a home run. Is that red line, that redchristdoIhateFenway line, the distinguishing mark? Could someone at least say that and do a side by side comparison?

And yes, I ❤ Deadspin. Even if Leitch tries to argue that Schilling is a likable person or player or whatever.

Addendum: What I had meant to say, but forgot to say. I always thought it should be about where the ball ended up, not where it hit, with dome stadiums as an exception.


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