The Wire Season 5 – The Overdue Hype Machine has been Activated.

Wire Cast, NYer-ized

When a criminally overlooked TV show is about to end it’s run, a reliable phenomenon begins, a phenomena known as The Overdue Hype Machine. The earliest proponents, simultaneously with those late-to-the-game, they do their best to make sure all eyes and ears are at attention when the final season starts.

This doesn’t always work right, but when the machine works at it’s best, and when it’s operated by the right people, you might find yourself with a long piece of writing you just want to settle down with. The New Yorker has given us just one of those pieces.

A particular nugget of greatness from Margaret Talbot’s epic piece on The Wire in the October 22nd issue of The New Yorker:

Filming on city streets in marginal neighborhoods carries its peculiar risks and rewards. On one occasion, a car involved in a high-speed chase smashed into one of the actors’ cars, and everybody had to dive out of the way. Another time, a man got shot yards away, staggered onto the set trailing blood, and was treated by the show’s medic. Once, a man pressed a package of heroin into the hands of Andre Royo, the actor who plays the sympathetic junkie and police informant Bubbles, saying, “Man, you need a fix more than I do.” Royo refers to that moment as his “street Oscar.”

The article is great, and the full page version of the illustration you see above, which features Kima, Bubbles, and Prez, amongst others, in typical New Yorker caricature, is worth your time and money alone. Now, if the machine starts to work on you, it’s as simple as NetFlix or HBO OnDemand. The former will work as fast as you watch the shows, while the latter, I’m not so sure of. HBO On Demand’s website, when you start to sift through it, doesn’t make it look like they’re going to get where they need to get fast enough. Who knows, though.

Or, like Huey said on last week’s The Boondocks season premiere, you can “just download it off the internet like everyone else.”


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