A Few Of My Favorite Things in the Ever Changing Mastheads

Clowes 2

If you’re the reader of this blog that I am of my friends’ blogs, you’ve noticed that I’m frequently apt to change and tweak parts of the aesthics of the blog, rather than post new content.

Last night saw two different custom header images, one was Bun B with his chain, attributed to Diplo’s mad decent blog.

And then I scanned and cropped the photo from this Wired article about Robot Chicken and it’s Star Wars special.

Finally, I’ve chosen my favorite 760×190 pixels from the first edition of the new weekly Daniel Clowes comic strip, Mr. Wonderful, now running weekly in the Sunday Times Magazine, and thankfully here for download online.

Mr. Wonderful, now 5 pages long out of what is said to be 20 pages, has given us a look into the life of Marshall, a gray haired guy trying to figure out how to get back into the dating scene, here with a blind date that he agonizes over, waiting for the girl to get there.

Clowes, best known for being the brains behind Ghost World and the all-too-meta Art School Confidential, knows exactly how to draw the details out of a moment to produce a precise cross-section of the clumsy clusterfuck known as inter-gender interaction. Read it already.


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