The Wire’s last strand is finally cut


The Wire is the best television show I’ve seen in my lifetime. Any season of it will go toe to toe with any other season of any other show, and then smash that season in the mouth, and bury it. Sopranos? Fuggedaboutit. Lost? Nope. Even my first real obsession, which I now wholeheartedly regret, 24? Jimmy McNulty makes Jack Bauer look like the cardboard cutout he is.

If you have a brain and you like TV, go out and netflix or download the seasons of the show. Get caught up. When Season 5 comes on, I don’t see much else mattering.

Here’s a link to the Washington Post story about the show wrapping. Fans have to watch the video.

Here’s a link to an excerpt from Nick Hornby’s interview with Wire maestro David Simon, from a recent issue of The Believer.


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