The iHypeMachine has sucked me in, again.


note: 1:00 PM EST, Photo from iLounge.

If you read PopCult, my former blog, you know how much I like to write about iPods, and this morning is no different.

This morning, or afternoon if you’re east of Cupertino, Apple will probably dumbfound the world with the latest in OoooohWow. Except that a lot of those dumbfounded already know what to expect. Every single website that follows Apple news is concurring about this, with the greatest hyperbole coming from, of course, iLounge, whose article “Tomorrow, Dreams Come True,” is simultaneously ridiculous and true.

A month and a half ago, while I was hopping from movie to movie at the AMC Empire 25, I lost my iPod (4G color, 60GB). After retracing my steps to everywhere I’d been that day, I went down to Apple Store SoHo and bought a 2GB iPod Nano (2G). Even when I was buying it, I knew it was going to be stopgap iPod.

Why did I need the stopgapPod so badly? I’ve gotten to a point where I can barely tolerate a subway ride if I’m alone and have to listen to the dumbing numbing noise of my fellow subway riders. I’ve started to think that Child Welfare should be operating with plain clothes officers on the subway trains to fine parents who yell at and hit their kids. Happy go lucky NYU kids are also a source of grief, as they’ve come back in full force and making the 8:15 L train from Lorimer more packed than it’s ever been and in turn more like the trains to Dachau than they’ve ever been.

I knew that Apple would do what they’re poised to do today, which is, release an iPod that makes the iPod loving populous channel Wayne Campbell, as they stare and repeat, “It will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.” The new iPod is rumored to have any of the following upgrades:

– Multi-Touch interface w/Coverflow, ala the iPhone.
– Built-in wireless connectivity for internet radio, which would matter because it would be tied into the iTunes store for a Buy-it-Now possibility.
– Flash Hard Drives, as opposed to the normal hard drives that the regular iPods (Read: Nanos, Minis, and Shuffles have had Flash drives for a while now).

If two out of three of those, likely the first two and not the last, come true, it will probably be a harbinger of annihilation for the Zune and other notPods. Apple sales will skyrocket from geeks that have been holding out for so long. Some of those geeks are really excited because they didn’t think that the phone-less iPhone would be coming out so soon. I’m one of them, and I’ll see you at the SoHo store this afternoon.

‘This afternoon,’ I say hopefully. The reasoning for an on-sale-today possibility comes from the fact that Apple’s having this press event, at Moscone West: the place where big shit goes down, on a Wednesday, as opposed to their de-facto day, Tuesday. The extra day would account for the time lost in shipping because of Monday being a holiday.

But if all rumors come true, today will be the real holiday.



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