From Murdoch to the CIA to … Weezey F Baby?

Lil Wayne Baby NYer

Sasha Frere-Jones has done something that some would call impossible, that others would claim was inevitable. A full length profile piece on Lil Wayne, aka. Dwayne Carter, aka Weezey F. Baby in The New Yorker. A sign of the times?

The year is only half over, but Frere-Jones literally says, “But [Wayne] is indisputably the rapper of the year.”

My question is this: Does coverage from the NY’er, along with recent positive coverage in the NYTimes, signal the start of The White Critical Mass’ ❤ Wayne, and, by connection, the end of Lil Wayne’s time making what will be called good by the bloggerati? And then, of course, is either side really ever right?


2 Replies to “From Murdoch to the CIA to … Weezey F Baby?”

  1. Yeah, so many people have been on Weezy’s dick lately you would think he’s Flava Flav in the midst of his hood rats a la Flavor of Love or something. I think it’s just cuz he works hard and to more exposure (putting out a song on every mixtape known to man–almost daily) than just about anyone else in the game. And he’s lyrically “cute.” Critics like “cute.” That being said, Lil Wayne is raw, and he is top 5 in the game, so I won’t hate. But well said, er, blogged.

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