Why I’m at home instead of at The Rub.

This Is Not Hip Hop.

So a month or so ago, I had meant to go to The Rub, a monthly hip hop night at Brooklyn venue Southpaw. I’m not sure why I didn’t go on that night. Tonight, I’m very aware of why I’m not going; I’m exhausted. And what’s left me in such a state?

The first half of today’s Live at the BBQ in Brooklyn. Left after the Clipse because, even though I knew I was missing The LOX & Large Professor, this was a soul-less show. Organizers were flashing a sign that said “No Cussing, Please!” at performers. Edited Versions is not Hip Hop. I thought Chris Rock proved all this years and years ago in his MTV Diaries episode when he “accidentally” bought an edited Jay-Z album.

Last night, I saw a 11pm show of The Bourne Ultimatum. Saw it at the Kips Bay theater, which I didn’t realize is the yuppie club goer movie house of choice. Seriously every girl there looked like she was about to be trying out for Rock of Love after the film. Very good movie, by the way. The trip home was worsened for the fact that downtown 6 trains were only making express stops from 42nd street to Brooklyn Bridge. So instead of walking to the 28th street 6 train, I had to walk to Union Square. This wouldn’t have been the worst thing ever, except that none of it was explained until I checked the MTA’s website upon getting home. So you have me walking around downtown Manhattan not knowing why the 28th and 23rd street 6 train stations are closed off. I honestly thought something really bad might have happened. Also, I walked past what I only could have assumed were Ladies Of The Night on 28th and Lex.

10-12 hour work days. Being the last person in the office when you’re practically lowest on the totem pole, that kills me.

Rock The Bells, which I’ll write about in greater detail sometime soon, but just think about how much energy a full day festival in horribly humid weather, followed by the least marked trail off of Randall’s Island to the walk across the bridge back to Manhattan, can require.

And then throw in 4 days of being sick, which co-incided with Harry Potter 7 reading, which led to me taking Monday and Tuesday of week before last off, sick. And my throat is still kind of irritated.

So I’ve been exhausted, and it’s also led to me turning my phone off. I’ve needed my space, to some degrees. I hope people understand. Also: end of August, I’m going to Vegas.


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