Henry Casey VS Baseball.

As I said goodbye to my Dad today, he asked, “So, ‘Go Clemens tonight, huh?'”

I looked back at him with a look of weariness on my face, and I said the following:

“You know what? Fuck baseball. Seriously. Fuck baseball.”

I could have gone on to say Fuck the following:

Bed Selig, The New York Tabloids, The Yankees Bullpen, Michael Kay, Joe Buck, Peter Gammons, …

Fuck all them because they’re the short list of things that’s taken the fun out of baseball for me ever since I started going to Bard.

It would have kept going on. I didn’t think, then, that I’d be where I am now: about to sit down to watch the Yankees take on the Twins, who I saw play at the Homer Dome less than a year ago.

Fuck me.


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