• Adam Sandler is just another republican douche-bag.


Except that, according to an over-the-shoulder shot from the trailer to his new homo-phobic and homo-ignorant comedy “I Now Pronounce My Career Dead & Uninspired”, he’s possibly been allowed to feel both of Jessica Biel’s chesticles (© “Knocked Up”). Sandler, consider these the last straws.

I first heard the news that Sandler’s a republican in a recent issue of Entertainment Weekly, and then, it wasn’t really the biggest shock. The fact that he supports the biggest asshole out of New York, that was kind of disappointing. Sandler couldn’t throw his mook money into the Romney campaign in some show of support of polygamy (think sequel: “I Now Pronounce You Chuck, Larry, and Some Chick, You Know, We’re Bi, that’s cool, right? Not All-The-Way-Gay, right?”).


18 Replies to “• Adam Sandler is just another republican douche-bag.”

  1. That’s cold Henry – Considering that your thought process deems Sandler an asshole because of his political affiliation – I guess if that was the proper way to thnk – most of us would think that the majority of Hollywood were assholes – you can place yourself in that group – now go apply yourself in a useful way and get an education – putz!

    McCain ’08!

  2. I was more going on “His Recent Films” + Being a GIULIANI Republican = @Hole. As a lifetime New Yorker, I can, without a doubt, say that if you support the former mayor, you’re an asswipe.

    Secondly, already got an education, BA in Literature.

    Finally: who says “that’s cold,” anymore? Who are you, Charlie Murphy?

  3. Well, he certainly never seemed too bright in any interviews that I’ve seen, so it sadly adds up.

  4. Dear idiot!

    how typical of a left wing nut job…to only notice things out of line with what you believe…and to not have any tolerance on other view points. The left always prides itself on how compassionate they are of others…and push for many supposed assistance programs for the needy etc…yet are perfectly content with refusing any view point that differs from yours. Such behavior is also typical of those of you, who try to sensor others from discussing or supporting their own beliefs. this is the opposite of what you should be standing for. I think Adam Sandler’s movies suck…but he is one of the most real entertainers out there…who like many of the Leftist Hollywood extreme…has never conformed to what is socially acceptable..and morally extinct. he loves his family, children…and has been committed to career and our TROOPS!…who while you sit and enjoy the very freedom they help provide….and can only criticize…

    Bottom line….your way of thinking, although may seem popular today…will cause a major re-shifting of political views over the years…because the conservative movement is logically arguing that the liberal viewpoint is causing so many issues for our society that as people get a little older and a little more mature, they realize that the MTV generation and your way of thinking is like cancer for what is ethical, and moral in this world….and we dont want to loose our beautiful country to pointless and selfish belief systems of the left. Look, i as a conservative…have many liberal beliefs….and too believe that its healthy for a discussion and even an argument. But at the end…we should all be able to shake hands and be proud to be Americans….start believing a little of what you preach…and be tolerant..and accepting of others..you may learn a thing or million.

  5. Supporting Rudy Guilianni’s Presidential run isn’t as much of a “view point” as it is proof of being about a big of a “nut job” as you can be.

    “this is the opposite of what you should be standing for.”
    Tell me how to think, reallllllly sticking to your conservative guns there.

    “I think Adam Sandler’s movies suck…but he is one of the most real entertainers out there…who like many of the Leftist Hollywood extreme…has never conformed to what is socially acceptable..and morally extinct. he loves his family, children…and has been committed to career and our TROOPS!…”

    His movies (referring here to “I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry,” and this new Zohan abomination) do not just suck, but they get half of their yucks off of barely covered up homophobia that continues to breed ignorance in the cinemas of our fair country.

    Oh, and the troops? Rudy and the republican right have been committed to getting our troops killed and nothing else. You want to keep pushing that “Hollywood doesn’t support our troops” pablum, well, at least a lot of Hollywood is producing movies that show the error in judgment in going into Iraq in the first place.

    OOOOH “he loves his family” …. what the FUCK DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING Is this a Family Contest? No. Fuck the fuck off on that shit.

    Exercising my freedom of speech by criticizing, is one of the most patriotic things you can do these days when we have a government so far backward from what America used to be and stand for, and dead set on profiteering from these wars by installing Halliburton franchises in Iraq instead of giving our troops proper armor when this fucking thing started in the first place.

    Oh, I’ll be proud to shake your hand and call ourselves Americans, once America gets back to it’s fucking grind and becomes a country where ignorance is less valuable than the dollar. And this will happen, once Barack Obama becomes the next president of the United States of America.

    Something tells me, though, that you’re for McCain. Are you? Seriously, that’s what this comes down to. How much shit you’re willing to brush your teeth with to keep the same people in power.

    Oh, and hire someone to proof read your posts, you want to look like you graduated from Kindergarten.

  6. remember in “anger management” there’s some scene with giuliani, and he says “giuliani you’re the best”…

  7. A-Rod also supports Giuliani. It’s terrible how seemingly cool people turn out to be republicans. When I found out that Paul Haggis was a Scientologist, I just laughed, because I already hated him.

  8. A-Rod was never seemingly cool, unless you find being photographed with tranny hookers and possibly being in a relationship with the most famous tranny hooker ever to be cool.

  9. Guiliani only had the most successful term of any New York mayor in history. Meh.. he’s an asswipe because I’m a bitter liberal bedwetter.

  10. Jethro, … JETHRO??!! You’re really going to post a Pro-Giuliani statement with a prototypical hick name like Jethro?

    5 Things off the top of my head why I’d giggle like a school girl to see Rudy lose his head, YesLiteral.

    1) His complete disregard for the artistic community (see when we schmeared the Virgin Mary with Shit, as is our fucking right, and he got uppity about it).
    2) As Biden puts it, any Rudy sentence will give you three things: a noun, a verb and 9/11; Rudy has pimped a national tragedy out harder than Hill and Bill got Chelsea out on the beat.
    3) The whole LET’S SHIP THE HOMELESS OFF TO NEW JERSEY idea. Really the best way to fix things. Fucking nimrod.
    4) Lifelong Yankee Supporter, who just for the Boston crowd, said he’d support the Red Sox cause they’re the AL’s team. Yeah, and McCain knew of the famous Steeler’s Defensive Line before they were even famous.
    5) Let’s Disney-fy Times Square and get all the hookers away and bland that charm up. Oh yeah, an ESPN Zone? That’s fucking Awesome, throw that shit in there too.

  11. I agree very much with Faruk. You liberals are so damn greedy and appreciate nothing. I wish you would move to some 3rd world country and see how it is over there! Then, we will see how much you miss being in the U.S.!

    Anways, I think Adam Sandler rocks and his movies are amazing! You are just jealous of his great sense of humor. The only movie I don’t like with him is that Chuck and Larry movie. That was bullshit.

  12. Ahh yes, more liberal “tolerance” on display.


    It amazes me. Once more, up is down and down is up. Liberals are beyond a doubt the most intolerant of the two modern political camps -conservative and liberal- vastly moreso.

    Modern ‘liberals’ have almost nothing in common with classic liberals of old, and most of you have not the slightest concept of anything resembling ‘tolerance’. What many of you actually subscribe to is ” tolerance… so long as I agree with it”. Which of course, is actually intolerance.

    Boo freakin’ hoo. So Adam Sandler isn’t just another zombie lefty kook clone, marching to the same tired leftwing propaganda drumbeat like every other Hollywood loudmouth. Big deal. Learn to deal with the fact that SOME people, (granted, VERY FEW among the Hollywood crowd) actually have minds of their own.

  13. since when is a BA in literature considered an education, all that tells me is that you can jump through hoops like a good little doggie is supposed to. your pretty dumb henry.

  14. You know some people are just so stupid. Being a republican does not mean someone is a douche bag! People like this make me sick. You know what bothers me the most is that democrats continually eat away all of our money by giving it to everyone else! Nancy Pellosi is just bonkers and wants equal income for everyone which is called COMMUNISM which our founding fathers were against. We ran away from that way of life and now liberals are trying to bring it back.
    Adam Sandler is a wonderful actor and he does not deserve to be called a douche bag! He works hard to do what he does and did you ever think about the fact that he is Jewish??? Of coarse he is a republican!

  15. I wouldn’t exactly call Adam Sandler a douchebag for simply being republican. But Rudy Guliani is certainly a douchebag. And Kathryn you’re batshit nutz, for jews there’s been a hug political shift, I think you missed it. And you sound like another “Michelle Bachmann” style brainless wingnut with the communism bullshit. I didn’t work in the ’08 election and America is too smart and informed to buy that fear mongering bullshit along with lies and scare tactics. CraigHow, so much as for your “McCain ’08” Hahahaha!

  16. Die in hell al libs. Go try to slow down global warming, maybe youll die in antaritca. no one will care.

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