Ask Ask Paul McCartney

Back in high school, someone told me that I’m going to be writing for Entertainment Weekly when I grow up.

Their new EW Hot 100 list of stars and stuff they love is completely absurd in that there is nothing on it that earned a cultural elitist snide knee-jerk reaction from me.

As for the headline, I used to not give a damn about any of the Beatles, minus John Lennon for standing for something, but ever since The Music Video Of The Year dropped, Sir Paul is getting daps from me on mention alone.


2 Replies to “Ask Ask Paul McCartney”

  1. Because of the connection between the hosts, great writers and longtime friends Michael Wilbon and Tony Kornheiser (the former who actually knew what “making it rain” meant before “Pacman” Jones had his scandal) has led to some pretty funny moments like when Wilbon actually had to teach the word to “old man” Kornheiser. This became part of the ongoing joke how Kornheiser is out of touch with today’s state of affairs.

    If it wasn’t for that show, I’d probably have stopped paying attention to non-baseball sports a long time ago. It’s very funny (except when guest hosts, ie Dan LeBatard of the Miami Herald are on), well structured, and one of the, and I know the bar is set low by “Best Damn Sports Show,” most intelligent forums for sports discussion around.

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